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The Sercos II Conformance test consists of both a physical and a logical test, briefly described below.

Detailed test descriptions for both Sercos interface master and slave devices are available for free download in PDF format.

-- Sercos II Conformance test for Master Devices
-- Sercos II Conformance test for Slave Devices

Physical Test

1. Measurement of the optical power (continuous light signal)
The optical transmission power is measured using the continuous light optical test mode. The transmission power must be within the limits specified in the Sercos standard. (See IEC Standard IEC 61784-1 Ed 2.0 and IEC 61158 Standards -- Fieldbus Profiles, Sercos I/II.)

2. Measurement of the optical signal (curve shape)
The zero bit stream is measured at high and low attenuation. The curve shape must be within the specified optical signal envelope for the zero bit stream as specified in the Sercos standard.

See Test Equipment for details on the equipment used in the physical testing.

Logical Test

The logical test is performed using the Sercos Conformizer. Tests for logical operation are performed as specified in the following table:

Drive identification X  
Service channel X X
Procedure command handling X  
Telegram types X  
Error handling X X
Time slot measurement X X
Phase switch X X
Feedback acquisition capture point
and Command value valid time
Compliance class(es) X X