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The Sercos II conformance test ensures that Sercos interface products from various manufacturers are compatible and interoperable at the Sercos Conformance Class A level. The software used in the testing, the Sercos II Conformizer, is available to manufacturers who wish to perform testing of Sercos II devices in their facilities prior to the formal testing. This provides a high assurance of passing the formal test at minimal time and costs.

The Sercos interface Conformizer is sold as a complete test and development environment for Sercos master and slave devices. It includes a passive PCI-Sercos interface card, test software, a run-time license for the Ardence (formerly VenturCom) RTX 5.0 real-time extensions for Windows and the test software itself.

The Conformizer is an easy-to-use package that includes a high-level scripting language with control flow statements and over 80 functions, variables and input/output programming features. It includes a command shell, parameter browser, script editor, function browser, script browser, protocol window and error code browser. The test results can be directly processed in RTF or HTML format. The Conformizer software runs under Windows NT.

The Conformizer is sold for 6,135 Euro, plus VAT, postage and packaging. Members of the Sercos trade organizations receive a discounted price of 4,600 Euro. Download a one-page data sheet.

Try a Free Demo Version of the Conformizer

A free demo version of the Sercos II Conformizer, a Conformizer user's guide, and conformance test descriptions can be downloaded from www.isw.uni-stuttgart.de/sercos. The software simulates some of the basic features of a Sercos interface drive and runs under Windows 98 or 2000.

Extensions For Pack Profile Conformance Testing

To further improve the interoperability of controls & drives, the Sercos trade organizations developed the Sercos Pack Profile. The Pack Profile defines a subset of the Sercos functions specifically for packaging machinery. Products from various vendors that conform to the Pack Profile will provide plug-and-play functionality for packaging machinery. Upgrade 2.1 for the Conformizer provides conformance testing per the Pack Profile. The update includes the following features:

Test scripts for the Master and Slave Conformizer, covering the functionality of controls and drives as specified in the Pack Profile Specification Version 1.3a:

-- Communication Class A+B
-- PackProfile Basic A+B
-- PackProfile Extended
-- Drive Controlled Homing
-- NC Controlled Homing
-- Probing Function

An update license is 1,800 Euro (plus VAT and shipping if applicable). Members of the Sercos trade organizations receive a discounted price of 1,500 Euro. 

For more information on conformance testing and the Sercos Conformizer, please contact: 

Sercos International e.V.
Kueblerstrasse 1
73079 Suessen, Germany
Phone: +49-7162-9468-65
Fax: +49-7162-9468-66
Email: p.lutz@sercos.de