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In order to ensure that Sercos products from various manufacturers are compatible and meet IEC standards, conformance testing and certification of all Sercos products is required. Once a product passes the conformance test, a certificate can be requested, and the product can carry the Sercos trademark.

Sercos II and III use the same set of instructions, but the physical layers are different, so their conformance tests differ.

Sercos Trademark

The Sercos trademark is protected by law. Companies wishing to use it in their promotional materials or on products must contact Sercos N.A. or Sercos International

Members of any of the Sercos promotional groups have the right to use the trademark on their promotional materials. Non-members may purchase that right for a yearly fee. However, only those products that are tested by an authorized conformance testing laboratory and certified are permitted to bear the Sercos logo. See Trademark Statutes.

Conformance Testing Requirements

Sercos products are tested at the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart. This laboratory is authorized by Sercos International to carry out the testing per IEC international standards.

The aim of the conformance testing is to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of Sercos devices from different vendors in multiple vendor environments at the Sercos Conformance Class A level. 

In the test laboratory, each device containing a Sercos master or slave is checked for compliance with the Sercos specification, to Compliance Class A. Compliance classes are defined in an appendix of the IEC standard. The testing includes verifying the physical and the logical behavior of the test unit

After the conformance test, ISW prepares a test report for the client. If the test unit behavior corresponds to the standard, the client can apply to Sercos International for a certification document.

The Sercos Conformizer test software is available for purchase by any Sercos vendor who wishes to pre-test his products in his own facilities prior to submitting them for the official conformance test. This provides a 90% assurance of passing the formal test.

Sercos I/II Conformizer
Sercos III Conformizer

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