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Only authorized testing laboratories are allowed to carry out tests to validate the conformance of Sercos interface devices. The authorized test laboratory is:

Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units, University of Stuttgart (ISW)
Seidenstrasse 36, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Telephone: ++49 (0) 711 121-2410 or 2420
Fax: ++49 (0) 711 121-2413
E-mail: sercos@isw.uni-stuttgart.de
Website: www.isw.uni-stuttgart.de/sercos

Orders for conformance tests should be made in writing to ISW. After an order has been placed, a date for the test can be arranged.

The duration of a conformance test is usually:

-- one day for a Sercos slave device 

-- two days for a Sercos master device

The test laboratory charges the following fees for a conformance test:

-- Basic charge: 500 Euro
   (300 Euro for Sercos association members)

-- Hourly charge: 120 Euro
   (90 Euro for members)

Slave Devices Master Devices
  Non-Member Price Member Price Non-Member Price Member Price
Basic Charge 500 Euro 300 Euro 500 Euro 300 Euro
Hourly Charge 120 Euro 90 Euro 120 Euro 90 Euro
Min. Test Duration 4 Hours 8 Hours
Min. Charge 980 Euro 660 Euro 1,460 Euro 1,020 Euro

Postage and packaging are an additional charge.
All prices are subject to value-added tax.

On completion of the conformance test, a test report will be sent to Sercos International. The customer will receive a copy of this report and a detailed report of the test results. 

Once a product passes the conformance test, the manufacturer can apply for a Sercos interface certificate for that product. The Sercos interface certificate confers certain rights to use the Sercos name and trademark with that product, as specified in the Sercos Trademark Statutes and the Application Guidelines. This certificate is provided free of charge to members of the Sercos organizations. Cost to non-members is 500 Euros (about $630 U.S. dollars).

Get the application for certificate of product conformance.