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Equipment for Logical Tests

The Sercos II Conformizer is used for the logical tests. This tool performs a strict and reproducible test for Sercos interface master and slave implementations and is available to all Sercos product suppliers as a pre-test tool. Purchase of this tool for pre-testing of products is strongly recommended, as it provides a 90% assurance of passing the formal test.

The Conformizer parses test scripts, which contain the test descriptions in a readable format (ASCII). Additional test scripts can be easily integrated to support quality assurance within a company.

The Conformizer tool can be purchased from Sercos International.

In addition, the Sercos Monitor is a useful tool. It allows the recording of traffic on the optical ring. A record can be traced, filtered and analyzed.

Test Equipment for Physical Measurements

The following test equipment is required to perform physical tests of Sercos I/II products:

Digital oscilloscope Optical-to-electrical converter Optical level meter
-- 2-4 channel
-- Bandwidth > 250 MHz
-- Wavelength
    response: 650 nm
-- Bandwidth > 250 MHz
    Rise time < 2 ns
-- Calibration at
     650 nm
-- SMA-Connector
    or SMA-Adaptor

The testing laboratory at ISW, University of Stuttgart, uses the following equipment to perform the physical measurements for certifying Sercos interface devices:

Tektronix 3034 Oscilloscope, 300 MHz, 4-Channel-Color-Oscilloscope (www.tek.com), Price approx. 8,000 Euro
Tektronix P6711 Optical-to-electrical Converter, Oscilloscope Accessory (www.tek.com), Price approx. 4,000 Euro
TS-Optoelectronic 4XT-S Optical Level Meter
(Email: service@ts-opto.de), Price approx. 480 Euro


TS-Optoelectronic GmbH
Frankfurter Ring 193a
80807 Munich, Germany
Mr. Hubmann
Tel.: ++49(089)/32 47 87 0
Fax: ++49(089)/32 34 51 5 
Email: Service@ts-opto.de 


Sercos II Monitor

A Sercos II monitor is available from Hilscher GmbH. It records and analyzes the telegrams sent between all devices in the Sercos ring. The monitor consists of a windows-based software and a PCMCIA card and is suitable for portable use. 

The monitor is integrated in the ring as a passive participant and must be the last device in the ring. In this position it can record all telegrams sent between master and slaves. It identifies the configuration and offers easy-to-use functions such as: triggering, filtering, and visualizing.

Sercos Monitor Screen Capture

Click here for more info, or
To purchase the Sercos Monitor please contact:
Hilscher GmbH
Rheinstrasse 15
D-65795 Hattersheim, Germany 

See a list of Hilscher worldwide distributors.