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Trademark Statutes
Trademark Application Guidelines

1. Scope and Purpose

1.1 These Application Guidelines are valid only with the version of the Trademark Statutes of Sercos International e.V. as agreed upon by the Board on October 5th, 1993.

1.2 These Application Guidelines define the conditions of use of the Sercos Trademark and Certification Mark in accordance with 4 of the said Trademark Statutes, as well as the levy of charges in accordance with 5 of the Trademark Statutes.

1.3 The Sercos Trademark must be used without any modification in its registered form, of which the graphic design is regulated by Sercos International e.V. and, if any, with defined additions authorized by Sercos International e.V. Other additions are not permitted.

1.4 Sercos International e.V. -- the owner of the Sercos Trademark - does under no circumstances permit the unlawful use of the Sercos Trademark or Sercos Certification Mark.

2. Additions to the Trademark

2.1 The purpose of the Sercos Certification Mark is the identification of products which fulfill the testing criteria of Sercos International e.V. and for which Sercos International e.V. has issued a certificate.

The Certification Mark is composed of the Sercos Trademark and an addition identifying the respective Certificate. Sercos International e.V. will provide a template rendering the Certification Mark together with the certificate.

2.2 The joint use of the Sercos Trademark with any other additions than those stated hereinabove is subject to the explicit written permission of the Board of Directors.

5. Fee Structure

The Board of Sercos International e.V. has agreed upon the following charges for services of Sercos International e.V. in connection with the use of the Trademark Sercos and the certification:

Use of Sercos Trademark
Members: free of charge
Non-members: annual fee (one quarter of the relevant annual membership fee of Sercos International e.V.)

Issuing of a Certificate
Members: free of charge
Non-members: EUR 500,00

Use of Sercos Certification Mark on Products
Members: free of charge
Non-members: included in the annual fee for the use of the Sercos Trademark.

Printable reproduction artwork
See pricing list of the administration office of Sercos International e.V.

Written warning
At cost.

These Application Guidelines of the Trademark Statutes were agreed upon by the Board of Directors of Sercos International e.V. on October 5th, 1993.