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Sercos Hardware & Software Modules from Automata

Automata offers a large variety of Sercos products and support for both Sercos II and III. AUTOMATA is the official Sercos III FPGA solution center of Sercos International.

Sercos II
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  • Sercos II starter kit -- Will help users to quickly get familiar with the Sercos technology and quickly verify developments for Master and Slave devices. Needed are two standard PCs with a spare PCI slot on each unit and the starter kit, which contains 2 PCI cards (1 master, 1 slave), connection cable and boot CD/floppy with software for master/slave functionality.
  • Sercos II boards -- Available for all standard bus systems including PCI, ISA, PC/104 and PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card). They support 2,4,8 and 16 MBit/sec transfer speed and are based on the SERCON816 controller.
  • Board for embedded platforms -- A compact Sercos II board for use on embedded platforms, which can be easily integrated into application-specific hardware designs.
  • Master and slave communications stacks -- Automata has developed a user friendly IEC-61131 environment for Sercos programming, the SERCdrv Sercos Master Driver and the SERCslave Sercos Slave Driver.

Sercos III 
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  • SCS 3 compact, modular control and IO system -- Combines the advantages of a reasonable compact control with fast, highly synchronous and safe communication over Sercos III. SCS 3 devices are programmable with IEC-61131 or C/C++ language.
  • Master and slave communications stacks -- All functions and services included in the proven Sercos II master and slave communications stacks are included in the Sercos III stacks, plus functions such as TCP/IP communication, hot-plugging and cross-communication.
  • SERCON100 FPGA solutions -- AUTOMATA provides support and is in charge of maintenance and additional development of the Sercos III FPGA IP cores. Automata can integrate the Sercos III master or slave functionality in a user hardware environment.
  • Active and passive Sercos III PCI boards -- Versatile Sercos III PCI boards are available with one or two Sercos III interfaces. Each can act either as master or slave. The necessary IP cores (SERCON100M or SERCON100S), as well as firmware in active mode, are loadable via the PCI bus.
  • Evaluation kit -- The modular evaluation kit allows master and slave test implementations based on different types of FPGAs (ALTERA or XILINX). It consists of 2 boards (FPGA module and base board) and an optional expansion module. All PCI boards and the evaluation kit are supported by extensive software and tools.
  • Sercos III master simulator -- MDT Parser is a PC based Sercos III master with integrated script language to verify slave implementations for system test and production end test. The tool runs under Windows XP on any standard PC.
  • Sercos III bus coupler for WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 -- Allows Sercos III to become the system bus. All combinations of digital and analog I/O's as well as special functions with different voltages, power and signals are available.
  • Support, training and customized hardware and software design services are also available.


For more information on the products described in this section, please visit the Automata web site.

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