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SERCANS II/III Modules from Bosch Rexroth

  • SERCANS -- A complete system-ready plug-in active Sercos master card which provides the Sercos hardware for digital intelligent drives on CNC, PC and VME-bus systems. SERCANS independently handles all the communication and synchronization between the drives and the controller. 

    The SERCANS II and SERCANS III module each have a shared memory interface to the control unit and the memory interface of both versions to the control is compatible. Thus, the SERCANS II and SERCANS III modules are interchangeable in an application without any software modifications to the control. Third party drives, not just Bosch Rexroth drives, can be connected and SERCANS II/III can operate with any real-time operating system on the PC.

    DRIVETOP is a user-friendly SERCANS compatible drive operating interface, which can be run under Microsoft Windows. DRIVETOP offers start-up, parameterization and diagnostics of the drives as well as securing and loading the drive parameters.
  • Sercos III starter/evaluation kits -- To make the transition to Sercos III even easier, PCI boards for standard PCs along with master or slave software are available for training purposes. There are also WinCE drivers for X86 platforms.

More information on SERCANS II.

More information on SERCANS III, including starter kits.


For more information on the products described in this section, please visit the Bosch Rexroth web site.

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