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Sercos III Products from EBV Elektronik

  • Caribou A development and evaluation platform for industrial communication, based on the OMAPL138 / ARM1808 ARM microprocessor from Texas Instruments, a Cyclone-3 FPGA from Altera and various analog interfaces. A range of different field busses and interfaces for industrial communications are available for developers, including Sercos III.  More information >>
  • MercuryCode evaluation platform for industrial applications Supports Alteras Cyclone IV family. With two Ethernet interfaces, it is an ideal platform for development of any fieldbus implementation. For every industrial Ethernet communication protocol, such as Sercos III, an appropriate IP core can be ported to the MercuryCode board. 
    More information >>


For more information on the products described in this section, please visit the EBV Elektronik web site.

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