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Sercos Hardware & Software Modules from Hilscher

Sercos II

  • Intelligent Sercos II master -- CIF 50-SCM is a complete ready-to-use plug-in module providing the Sercos hardware for digital intelligent drives on PC PCI systems. It handles all communication and synchronization tasks between the drives and the controller, providing a fast, economical and efficient solution for the connection of digital intelligent drives to a PC.
  • PCI, PCMCIA and PC/104 passive Sercos II cards -- Contain the SERCON816 ASIC. They can operate as a master or slave. Hilscher offers a Sercos driver, used to control these cards.
  • Sercos monitor -- A powerful and mobile analyzer for efficient observation and evaluation of data transmissions in Sercos I & II systems.

More information -- See http://www.hilscher.com/technologies.html and scroll down to Sercos II.

Sercos III

  • netX Network Co-processor -- Hilscher has integrated the Sercos III core into a General Purpose Communication Controller (GPCC), the netX family, ARM926 based System on Chip network communication controllers. Evaluation boards, starter-kit and board support packages for Windows-CE and Linux are available. The netX controllers are able to support a number of different Industrial Ethernet protocols.
  • Sercos PC cards -- Formats include PC/104, CPI, PCI 104, PCI Express, Compact PCI, MiniPCI and PCI Express.
  • netX-based communication modules -- Real-time Ethernet slave, DIMM format CPU module, netJACK 100 PCI Express +Network real-time-Ethernet Sercos III Master/Sercos III Slave, netJACK 50 DPM real-time-Ethernet Sercos III Master/Sercos III Slave.
  • netTAP gateways -- For real-time Ethernet to Fieldbus and RS232/422/485 to real-time Ethernet connections. NetBRICK gateways are available for harsh environments.
  • netSWITCH -- Provides non-real-time ports for connecting standard Ethernet telegrams to a Sercos III network.
  • I/O, system development and software development boards
  • Network analyzer in both standalone and PCI card formats -- Allows bidirectional capture of two Ethernet links.
  • Sercos III firmware -- Both master and slave protocol stacks
  • Test and evaluation kit
  • Various CIFX/netX device drivers

More information -- See http://www.hilscher.com/technologies.html and scroll down to Sercos III.


For more information on the products described in this section, please visit the Hilscher web site.

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