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Sercos II and III Products from Sercos International

Sercos II

  • Master and slave conformizers -- The Sercos II conformance test ensures that Sercos products from various manufacturers are compatible and interoperable at the Sercos Conformance Class A level. The software used in the testing, the Sercos II Conformizer, is available to manufacturers who wish to perform testing of Sercos II devices in their facilities prior to the formal testing. This provides a high assurance of passing the formal test at minimal time and costs. More Information.

Sercos III

  • Sercos III IP core -- All of the functionality required to configure a Sercos III interface is contained in a stack that is available in both "hard" and "soft" versions. The hard version is widely used for embedded applications (such as drives, I/O modules and micro-controller based motion control), where it is important that the overhead of managing the Sercos III nodes not be placed upon the device processor and nanosecond jitter is required. The Sercos III core is available in bit stream and netlist versions for loading onto both Xilinx and Altera FPGAs. It is also available pre-loaded on the "netX" multi-network controller chip from Hilscher. More information.
  • Sercos soft master -- Uses a completely software-based stack for the master interface. Since the maximum jitter in such a configuration is dependent upon the operating system of the master, the maximum jitter may be set by a variable for the Sercos III network when a soft master is employed. 
  • Sample designs for Sercos III -- A sample Sercos III Reference Design, including bill of material, is available on request
  • Sercos III Slave Conformizer -- A powerful independent test system, the Sercos Slave Conformizer is available for conformance testing of Sercos III slave devices. This test system, which takes the form of a reference master, ensures the compatibility and interoperability of Sercos III slave configurations from different manufacturers. More information.
  • Open source Sercos III master driver library -- Software driver library for Sercos III master implementation is available via the sourceforge.net online-portal. The software can be used according to the LGPL license, without any license fees and without any usage limitations. The library is a fully tested software package without any functional limitations. All features of Sercos III are supported, e.g., the real-time channel, the redundancy concept and hot-plugging. Two versions for Sercos III boards are available: a driver for plug-in cards with a dedicated CPU (active boards such as the SERCANS III board) and a driver for plug-in cards without a CPU (passive boards). More information.
  • Open source Sercos/IP library -- This driver library for the Sercos/IP Protocol enables direct communication and uniform data exchange between devices without the need for a Sercos master or an operating Sercos communication. Available for download in C# source code from http://sourceforge.net without any license fees or usage limitations. More information.