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Test System Ensures that SERCOS III Slave Implementations from Different Manufacturers are Interoperable

January 18, 2010 -- The SERCOS III Slave Conformizer is a new, powerful test tool for slave devices on the SERCOS III Ethernet-based automation bus. It ensures that SERCOS III slave implementations from different manufacturers are compatible and interoperable. 

The certification test software is available to manufacturers who wish to pre-test SERCOS III slave devices in their facilities prior to the formal testing at the SERCOS test lab. This provides a high assurance of passing the formal test at minimal time and costs. 

The SERCOS III Conformizer is provided as a complete test and development environment for SERCOS III slave devices. It includes an active PCI-SERCOS III interface card and the test software, which runs under Windows XP without the need for real-time extensions. 

The Conformizer is an easy-to-use package with a GUI based on the Eclipse framework. Tests activated by the GUI are specified using the Ruby script language. Pre-defined scripts are available for testing the communication, the generic device profile, and the function-specific profiles for drives and I/Os. Product- and vendor-specific scripts can be easily integrated.

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