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Phoenix Contact introduces bus coupler for SERCOS III

January 19, 2009 -- Phoenix Contact added a new SERCOS III bus coupler to their In-line Modular product line. This bus coupler, equipped with eight digital inputs and four digital outputs, can be installed together with up to sixty-three additional In-line automation terminals -- all in keeping with Phoenix Contact's motto "plug, don’t wire."

In addition to digital terminals with 2 to 32 channels and analog terminals with 2 to 8 channels, the user can choose from many terminals in the In-line Modular product range for connecting specific automation components such as position and temperature sensors. Both the onboard I/Os and the inline terminal I/Os that are chained to the bus coupler are synchronized to the SERCOS III clock and are integrated into the SERCOS III network.

SERCOS device description files (SDDML), which are necessary for an easy configuration, can be downloaded for the bus coupler as well as for each inline terminal.