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New sercos III Protocol and Profile Test

April 05, 2011 -- A new, powerful, independent test system, the sercos Slave Conformizer, is now available for conformance testing of sercos III slave devices. This test system, which takes the form of a reference master, ensures the compatibility and interoperability of sercos III slave configurations from different manufacturers.

Originally designed for test lab certifications, the software can also be used by companies as a testing tool for product development and quality assurance. Pre-testing guarantees a high conformance of configurations, and allows formal certification procedures to be carried out quickly and with minimal costs. The sercos III Conformizer provides a complete testing and development environment for sercos slave devices. It includes an active PCI sercos III interface card and test software that runs under Windows operating systems without the need for real time extensions. 

With a user-friendly, graphic interface based on the Eclipse Framework, individual tests are performed and documented via protocols. The tests themselves are available as readable files using the Ruby script language. Extensive test scripts are included for communication, the generic device profile, and the function-specific profiles for drives and I/Os. Product and manufacturer tests can also be easily integrated.

Sercos III devices are certified by the test lab at the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart, in cooperation with the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Systems Engineering (TZS) in Esslingen, Germany.