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sercos Automation Bus on Track for Impressive Growth

April 05, 2011 -- With over 3 million real time nodes shipped, the sercos automation bus has achieved yet another milestone in its 25-year history. Despite the rapid growth of sercos' latest generation based on Industrial Ethernet, an end to sercos' conventional drive interface is not in sight. Based on an optical fiber ring with speeds of up to 16 Mbit/s, sercos II is still registering growth in the upper single digits.

sercos' strong growth can be attributed in part to its high performance and the wide variety of providers and products available. Moreover, in its latest generation, sercos is not only used to connect drives, but the entire range of automation devices to the automation bus.

"With an installed base of over 3 million real time nodes and a strong growth forecast for the coming years, sercos provides impressive proof of its market leadership in real time communication in the industrial sector. We currently estimate that a total of 1 million sercos III nodes will be installed in the next 3 to 4 years and that one out of two new devices will be equipped with a sercos III interface. That would put us at an average annual increase of over 35 percent, which is well above the forecasts for our competitors," says Peter Lutz, Managing Director of sercos international e. V.