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Broader, Deeper, More Universal – Sercos® III Specification Update Now Available

Sercos International released the specification update V1.3.1 for the Sercos III real-time Ethernet-based automation bus on March 31, 2013.

Several enhancements have been executed since the last specification release, including updates to the Sercos communication protocol and to the different Sercos profiles (drive, I/O, encoder and energy). In addition, the mechanisms for the blended infrastructure approach to transmit Sercos, TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP frames over a single wire were included. Specification V1.3.1 not only broadens the functionality and range of applications of the globally accepted Sercos III real-time standard, but also reflects trends in machine and plant construction. The extensions are fully compatible with the previous specification so that a high level of standardization and the best possible interoperability of devices from different manufacturers can be ensured.

The technical working groups of Sercos International have started work on several new functional profiles to further extend the range of Sercos III. At the same time, account is being taken of the increasing application diversity in automation. Future innovations will include functional profiles for test and measurement, for power sections for servo drives, and for controller-to-controller communication. Furthermore, a Condition Monitoring profile for service and preventive maintenance of machines and machining systems will be specified. This Condition Monitoring profile will be based on the VDMA standard entitled ”Fieldbus-neutral reference architecture for condition monitoring systems in factory automation,” which will most probably be published at Hanover Fair 2013. In addition, further results from the cooperative machinery initiative of Sercos, ODVA and the OPC Foundation will be considered.

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