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Sercos On Course For Growth: 5 Million Real-Time Nodes Installed Worldwide

With 5 million real-time nodes installed in automation systems worldwide, Sercos has reached an additional milestone in its 25 year history as one of the premier automation busses. In 2014 about 480,000 new Sercos nodes were installed, 54% of which were Sercos and 46% were Sercos I/II. For several years, the Ethernet-based Sercos III has been showing double-digit growth, whereas the number of new installations for the conventional Sercos interface (Sercos I/II) has been declining slightly since 2012.

Sercos I/II is based on a fiber optic ring with speeds of up to 16 Mbit/s and is primarily used for high speed motion control, communicating between controls and high performance servo drives. In contrast, Sercos III is a universal automation bus based on Industrial Ethernet which can be used not only for interconnecting drives for motion control but for the entire range of automation devices -- automation controls; electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives; I/Os; sensors and auxiliary devices, such as high speed cameras.

"With an installed base of over 5 million real time nodes and a significant growth forecast for the coming years, Sercos provides impressive proof of its high market relevance for real time communication in the industrial sector. An increasing number of users recognize the advantages of a standardized and consistent machinery network and benefit from the outstanding technical characteristics of Sercos III, as well as a wide range of suppliers and products," says Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International e.V.

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5 Million Real-Time Nodes Installed Worldwide