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Sercos: Laying The Foundations For The Future

Sercos International welcomed 10 participants to the Sercos III development seminar at Steinbeis Transfer Center in Esslingen, Germany on June 16, 2015.

The seminar was aimed primarily at equipment manufacturer developers and product managers, and introduced participants to the fundamentals of Sercos communication, FPGA hardware, profiles and testing and diagnostic tools. The one-day event also outlined the benefits of certification and explained the certification process.

Participants learned about the benefits of Sercos technology, such as the redundancy process, direct cross communication, hotplugging slaves during runtime and much more. The seminar also covered various topology options, different telegram structures, installation, connection mechanisms and a range of other aspects.

A presentation on Sercos III FPGA hardware answered questions on implementation versions, hardware, and driver software. Device models, profiles and configurations were presented, as were the Sercos Monitor and the Sercos Conformizer testing and diagnostic tools.

The next free development seminar will be held this coming autumn. For the exact dates, see the Sercos International eNewsletter or visit their website.