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Sercos International Launches Free iPad App, Sercos Tube Racer

The user organization Sercos International, supplier of the Sercos® automation bus, launched a free iPad app "Sercos tube racer". The game is available in the iTunes Store and shows in a playful manner how the common network infrastructure for Sercos® III and EtherNet/IP works.

Sercos telegrams, CIP messages and TCP/IP messages can coexist within a network without requiring additional cables. To keep the cyclical and clocked communication of Sercos III intact, the CIP messages and TCP/IP telegrams are transmitted in the Unified Communication Channel (UCC) which is an integral part of the Sercos transmission method. The game involves these three types of data packages moving down a single cable.

A common network infrastructure enables machine builders and users to reduce the cost and complexity of machine integration while retaining the ability to utilize their preferred product suppliers and automation devices.

Successful attributes in this casual game are speed, precision and concentration, attributes that also characterize the Sercos technology! The player has to click on the data packages at the perfect time to achieve high scores and to reach the next level. The top high scores are listed online unless the player played anonymously.

In addition to being fun, participation is worthwhile because Sercos International uses this app from time to time to encourage prize draws. The first prize – an iPhone 5 – was handed out at this year's Hanover Fair where a prototype of the app was tested.

For more information, please subscribe to the Sercos International eNewsletter or visit their website.