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Note: This product was announced at the Sercos Press Briefing at Pack Expo 2012.

CANNON-Automata presents a vendor independent interface between SSI encoders and Sercos III

Ried, Germany, 26. October 2012: SSI is the standard interface for absolute encoders. With the SSI-Gateway, CANNON-Automata introduces a simple and inexpensive device that allows connection of SSI encoders of any vendor to a Sercos III network.

FSP-Encoder – the Sercos communication profile for encoders
SSI is a worldwide standardized serial protocol for exchange of absolute position values between an encoder and a control. It is supported by most manufacturers of absolute encoders. With the introduction of the encoder profile (FSP-Encoder), Sercos international has standardized the exchange of position values between incremental or absolute encoders and controls within a Sercos III network. Together with the scaling functions specified by the profile, a high level of interoperability is guaranteed. The SSI-Gateway combines these two standards in one device. Thus, Sercos users are free to always choose the encoder best suited for an application from any vendor – without having to worry about interoperability.

Extensive SSI and Sercos protocol features
The SSI-Gateway supports up to four Sercos real-time data connections. Thus, it is possible to make the acquired position available to any other device connected to the Sercos network – an important feature for applications with master and slave axes, cam profiles or electronic gears. In addition to the position value, the device can also measure and transmit the current velocity and acceleration.

The device supports a wide range of SSI protocol settings and is suitable for connection of practically all SSI encoders available on the market: transmission frequencies from 67.5 kHz up to 2 MHz, 8 bit to 31 bit encoder resolution, binary or gray code and odd or even parity. Two digital outputs with configurable voltage levels are available: one to invert the encoder counting direction and one to set the current position to zero. The two onboard digital inputs can be used to signal encoder-specific diagnostic information on the Sercos network.

The SSI-Gateway is available in protection class IP20 housing for DIN rail mounting. It is equipped with two RJ45 connectors for integration into the Sercos network and one connector for SSI signals, digital I/Os and 5VDC or 24VDC power supply for the encoder, address switches and diagnostic LEDs.

Sercos / SSi-GatewaySercos / SSI-Gateway with encoder