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CIP Safety Protocol Stack for Sercos Available

CIP Safety protocol stack for Sercos availableSercos International (SI) and IXXAT Automation GmbH (IXXAT) today announced the availability of a protocol stack software for CIP Safety on Sercos. The safety software developed by IXXAT uses the SMP (Sercos Messaging Protocol), which enables the representation of the CIP data and services on configured, cyclic data containers in the Sercos telegram. Due to the modular architecture of the CIP Safety protocol software, the stack can be used for Sercos III as well as for EtherNet/IP without any restrictions.

"It is an invaluable advantage for users and suppliers to use a standardized safety protocol and a uniform protocol software for different bus systems. Development costs and investment risks are reduced to a minimum," says Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International.

The software package contains the protocol stack software for Sercos III and EtherNet/IP, a safety manual, and unit tests. Because all components are made available as ANSI-C-code, porting to customer-specific safety platforms is possible with a minimum of effort. The unit tests provided considerably facilitate the recertification of the CIP Safety protocol software after porting the code to a safe target platform.

"The provision of a independent, easily portable and pre-certified safety stack allows a fast and simple implementation of the CIP Safety functionality on Sercos III and EtherNet/IP devices based on a customer-specific target platform," states Christian Schlegel, Managing Director of IXXAT.

IXXAT provides various services regarding the CIP safety technology, such as consulting, code introduction, integration workshops, implementation support of the CIP Safety software in customer-specific hardware and software, and assistance in final device certification.

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