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Sercos Offers Free Technical Webinars in November and December

Sercos International, provider of the Sercos® automation bus, offers three webinars in the last quarter of 2014 that will provide interested parties profound insight into the technology.

Rigobert Kynast, leader of the "Sercos III Communication" technical working group at Sercos International will begin the series on November 10, 2014 with the topic "Sercos III telegram structure."

He will explain how a network recognizes a Sercos III telegram, what the purpose of the telegram frame and/ or header is and what the content of the Sercos III header looks like. In addition to explaining how a hot plug field is structured, he will also discuss when an application needs the Extended Function Field as well as the structure and function of the service channel (SVC). Answers to the question as to how and where real-time data is embedded in the Sercos III telegrams and a description of a typical structure of a Sercos III telegram will round off this webinar.

The second webinar is scheduled for November 13, 2014. Kynast will explain the "Initialization of communication" and will describe how a master or slave starts after switching on. After defining the NRT (non-real-time) state, he will explain the various communication phases up to the operational mode.

The last webinar in 2014 will take place on December 9 on the topic of "Sychronization of communication participants."

Kynast will explain how a synchronization trigger is created and he will examine the various run times. Answers to the question as to why the point of synchronization is identical even though no data is exchanged will be provided as well as a guideline on how to synchronize different cycle times.

All English webinars will take place from 16:00 – 17:00 hrs CET. Interested parties can register at www.sercos.org.

Following the presentations, there is sufficient time for a Q&A session.

For more information, please subscribe to the Sercos International eNewsletter or visit their website.

Free Technical Webinars