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SERCOS III in ROVEMA Packaging Machines

November 12, 2008 -- In ROVEMA's choice of a modern bus system, the focus was on reduction of start-up costs through the use of cost-effective and highly productive hardware components. Equally important factors were protection of customers' investments through internationally recognized IEC/EN standards plus lower electromagnetic interference as compared to analog interface technology.

Through the openness and standardization of SERCOS III, ROVEMA has a universal drive and automation interface available.

SERCOS III is based on the proven real-time mechanisms of the SERCOS interface and uses the principle of cyclic transfer with exact constant time pattern. This hardware based synchronization is the prerequisite for safe realization of demanding motion tasks, for example electronic gearing in packaging machines. In parallel to real-time processing, SERCOS III can transfer any IP based Ethernet frames. The ROVEMA P@ck-Control can transparently exchange these Ethernet frames with higher-level equipment in the network.

In the process, SERCOS III enables trendsetting, integrated communication. Along with the complex central automation, P@ck-Control extends Rovema's previously- established diagnostic and remote maintenance possibilities on an Ethernet basis.

These functions, as well as motion control, will be realized in the future via the SERCOS III bus. Among other things, this guarantees problem free integration of drives and equipment of different manufacturers.

With the introduction of SERCOS III in ROVEMA packaging machines, the classic field bus for the direct control of input and output, monitoring equipment or other field bus uses is eliminated. Other advantages are the significantly small amount of cabling and fewer hardware components necessary for a packaging unit.

ROVEMA Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Fernwald, is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines and complete packaging systems. More than 30,000 ROVEMA packaging machines are in use worldwide.