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SERCOS Easy-I/O implemented successfully into the first FPGAs

November 27, 2007 -- The Easy-I/O IP core software for low-cost FPGA single chip controllers for the universal SERCOS III real-time Ethernet solution (available since early 2007), has now been integrated into the first slave devices. The product range of Phoenix Contact was expanded with SERCOS III I/Os, and that of Bosch Rexroth with SERCOS III valve carrier systems.

On the basis of the Easy-I/O, Phoenix Contact was able to make a digital as well as an analog Inline block I/O ready for the market with a minimum integration effort and therefore in a minimum of development time. The compact Inline block I/O modules are used where a limited number of I/O signals needs to be processed at low cost. The communication interface to SERCOS III could be integrated directly into the FPGA during the development of the block I/O modules, which minimizes the costs and allows for a compact layout. 

In the Bosch Rexroth solution, the license-free IP core was integrated into a pneumatic valve carrier system, enabling a complete system solution via SERCOS III as a communication system. Rexroth also achieved the integration of the Easy-I/O into the bus connection of the valve carrier system with a very low integration effort. 

"The license-free IP Core for FPGAs has been developed especially for I/O devices, measuring sensors, speed sensor and valve clusters and is available as a free download for interested parties, together with a complete documentation. A large number of companies have already downloaded the IP Core from the www.sercos.de website, and are testing the integration into their slaves," reports Peter Lutz, the managing director of SERCOS International.

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Block I/O
(Bosch Rexroth)

Inline Block I/O
(Phoenix Contact)