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Phoenix Contact Offers Input/Output Module with SERCOS interface

November 28, 2006 -- Phoenix Contact is currently developing a compact, modular I/O product range with a SERCOS III interface on the basis of the Inline installation system in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth. In combination with the drive technology from Bosch Rexroth, machine and plant manufacturers can now integrate motion and machine I/Os into their full solution over a homogenous network. "In addition to shorter development, installation, and commissioning times, the operation of 
SERCOS III results in reduced costs as well as a higher level of product throughput", as summed up by Martin Müller, Head of Marketing of the Business Unit Automation Systems at Phoenix Contact. "In this way, SERCOS III can be used to create high-performance and cost-effective motion control solutions."

Phoenix Contact joined the SERCOS interface e.V. (IGS) syndicate, today named SERCOS International (SI), in April 2006. The goal of the organization is to make accessible the international standards of the digital SERCOS interface for communication between numerical controls and digital drives known as "SERCOS interface" to all interested parties. The simple and cost-effective communications solution fulfils the requirements of a multi-axis, high dynamic servo system without performance being negatively affected. The SERCOS interface is employed to network controls, drives, and I/O stations by means of fiber optics (SERCOS I and SERCOS II), or on the basis of standard Ethernet (SERCOS III) via a shared bus system. This allows any number of digital drives to be synchronized with microsecond accuracy.