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HMS adds SERCOS III support

November 29, 2009 -- HMS Industrial Networks recently became a member of SERCOS International and added a SERCOS III version into the family of interchangeable Anybus communication modules. HMS already supports 18 different fieldbuses and 4 different industrial Ethernet technologies. SERCOS III is the latest contribution to the ever growing family of interchangeable Anybus communication modules.

The Anybus-CC module for SERCOS III has been developed in co-operation with Bosch Rexroth and contains a complete SERCOS III slave interface according to the FSP IO profile. The module comes in a handy housing and is about the size of a compact flash card. The core of the module is HMS's NP30 microprocessor. The new Anybus-CC module provides device manufacturers with a fast and easy way to connect their automation devices to SERCOS III. The ready-made solution reduces development efforts by up to 70%, speeds up the time-to-market and minimizes the development risk. As the hardware and software application interface of the Anybus-CC module for SERCOS III functions in the same manner as all other Anybus-CC modules, the new module is fully interchangeable with all other active Anybus-CC modules. This allows device manufacturers to connect their automation devices without any additional development efforts to 18 different industrial networks.

SERCOS III is an open real-time Ethernet network characterized by outstanding performance and simple wiring. SERCOS III combines transmission of industrial IT protocols and isochronous Real time communication over a single wire. With its set of device profiles, SERCOS fulfills the communication needs of complex machines, where exact synchronization of multiple drives along with simple IO data transfer and industrial IT functions is required.

"We have some 500 automation device manufactures world-wide that standardized on our Anybus technology for industrial communication. All these vendors now also have easy access to the SERCOS III technology for their products" says Michael Volz, Marketing Director of HMS. "We recognize the growing interest for SERCOS among European machine builders, and for us it is important to provide our customers with a solution for instant SERCOS III connectivity".


"Having HMS join SERCOS International and adding SERCOS support into their product range is yet another sign of the industry acceptance of SERCOS III. The fact that HMS offers an instant way for vendors to enable their products for SERCOS III, will further accelerate the number of companies and devices supporting SERCOS III." says Peter Lutz, Executive Director of SERCOS International.

More information is available from HMS.

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