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Sercos Guitar

A guitar has six strings. Humans need ten fingers, hundreds of thousands of sensory nerves and billions of neurons to play it. Machines just need Sercos.

During the last Hannover Fair, an electronic guitarist debuted at the Sercos booth. Mechatronic students at the University of Stuttgart implemented a system to play the instrument interpreting MIDI files using the Sercos automation bus. They used an MLP industrial control from Bosch Rexroth and bus terminals from Phoenix Contact to actuate a group of lifting solenoids via Sercos commands. Six pluck the strings and 24 operate the finger board. The system played a number of classical guitar tunes from its repertoire at the show. 

The mechatronic students are working on a Sercos electronic keyboard that will accompany the Sercos guitar in the near future.

Sercos International to Intensify Cooperation with ODVA

Sercos International recently announced plans to continue and intensify its cooperation with ODVA, which began in November 2006. With the objective of advancing common interests and topics, Sercos International will be involved as an active partner organization within the new ODVA machine initiative. A key focus of the cooperation is the worldwide marketing and expansion of CIP Safety, which is currently used as a bus-independent safety protocol for DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and Sercos. 

"CIP Safety on Sercos is an excellent example of how technologies from different organizations can successfully complement each other -- to benefit manufacturers as well as users. Together with ODVA, we would like to discover similar synergies in other areas," states Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International.

Open Source Software from Sercos

Two open source software packages for Sercos III are available for download in C# source code via sourceforge.net, without any license fees or usage limitations.

A driver library for the Sercos/IP protocol was recently made available as open source software. The protocol enables direct communication and uniform data exchange between devices without a Sercos master or a running Sercos communication being necessary. The Sercos/IP protocol can still be used in cyclic real time operation. In this case the Sercos/IP telegrams are transferred into the Sercos NRT (Non Real-Time) channel, with no negative influence on the real time behavior of the network.

The vertical integration of devices into a production system is improved with the Sercos/IP protocol. Set-up, remote maintenance, and diagnosis of Sercos devices can be carried out via Sercos/IP over an intranet or the Internet.

In 2009 Sercos made a software driver library for Sercos III master implementation available as open source software as part of mainline Linux and supplied under a license compatible with Linux.

With the availability of the Sercos III master library it became much easier for manufacturers to develop a Sercos III master and to benefit from future improvements and extensions of the software.

Reminder of SERCOS Resources Available

There is a SERCOS News/Discussion group on the www.linkedin.com website. Items of interest to the SERCOS community are posted weekly and group members can post comments and questions for discussion. We invite you to search for SERCOS under Groups and join.

A series of nine SERCOS webinars, running from 22 to 50 minutes each is available on the SERCOS website. View the Webinars Now!

Several recent news releases, new literature and links to recent magazine articles have been posted on www.sercos.com. Also, the Technology section of the website has been updated.

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