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Sercos EasySlave

At the recent SPS/IPC Show in Nuremberg, Sercos International announced the EasySlave, a low cost single chip Sercos III slave controller, available in two configurations. One is a fixed configuration loaded with a Sercos III core in bitstream format, with no license required. The other version includes a Sercos III core in netlist format, which requires a license. The user can add IP cores from Xilinx and his own application code to this version. He can integrate the controller into his own board. A reference design and an EasySlave development kit are available. 

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FDT Group Announces Sercos III Support

Also at the SPS show, The FDT Group announced that it has publically released the Sercos III annex which brings full support of the Sercos III standard into the FDT standard. The Sercos III annex for FDT covers online services based on the Sercos service channel communications and allows easy and scalable device access function inherent in the FDT standard. It supports the Sercos configuration interface (SCI) and also allows offline configuration of Sercos networks, including the provisioning of process information channels for engineering systems.

Bosch Rexroth and Hilscher have announced the availability of generic device and communication DTM's to support Sercos III products within FDT frame applications.

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ODVA, Sercos and OPC Foundation Issue Whitepaper

ODVA, Sercos International and OPC Foundation have joined forces to address key communication challenges in the production domain. ODVA announced the availability of a new white paper, Optimization of Machine Integration (OMI), which outlines a strategic vision for an open and interoperable communication framework in the industrial sector. For machine builders, OMI provides opportunities for creating additional value through simplified communication between machines and from machines to supervisory systems.

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Download the whitepaper

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A series of nine Sercos webinars, running from 22 to 50 minutes each, is available on the Sercos website. View the Webinars Now!

A webinar from Design News, "Industrial Energy Saving Strategies," includes a discussion of Sercos Energy, the Sercos profile that defines parameters and commands for the reduction of energy consumption in a uniform vendor-independent manner.

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