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Machinery and Systems Networking with Sercos III and EtherNet/IP

This week at the Hannover Fair, Sercos and ODVA announced the first practical results of the machinery initiative, which was launched jointly by Sercos International, ODVA, and OPC Foundation in April 2011.

This project focused on how to implement a joint network infrastructure in which the different network protocols can coexist and the devices of different manufacturers can be operated together. Because the infrastructure required for EtherNet/IP and Sercos III includes the physics and data link layers of Ethernet, Sercos telegrams, CIP messages and TCP/IP messages can coexist within a network without requiring additional cables. To keep the cyclical and clocked communication of Sercos III intact, the CIP messages and TCP/IP messages are transmitted in the Unified Communication Channel (UCC). This channel sits directly on the Ethernet layer without tunneling, allowing the connection of users who do not have Sercos III, but instead support a different Ethernet-based protocol.

This approach allows the combination of Sercos III devices, EtherNet/IP devices and other Ethernet devices in a joint network infrastructure in a machine or system. The existing Sercos III and EtherNet/IP specifications do not have to be modified, as the respective communication mechanisms have already been integrated in the Sercos III transmission process.

Read the complete press release.
Read the new industry brief on the ODVA Machinery Initiative.

Sercos Monitor

Sercos announced at this week's Hannover Fair that it will soon release a powerful diagnostic tool for Sercos III networks, the Sercos Monitor, and offer it as a free download on the Sercos websites. The diagnostic tool allows a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data traffic in Sercos III networks. The Sercos Monitor operates under the Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems and is based on the WinPcap interface. The tool allows both retroactive evaluation of stored network records in the pcap file format and an analysis of the network traffic in real time. A user-friendly interface plus overview functions for the typical features of a Sercos III network, such as topology, communications phases and service channel transmission, enable a fast and targeted launch of the analysis process. Different views and filter mechanisms allow the customized evaluation of Sercos III real time telegrams and other Ethernet telegrams based on the individual requirements of the user.

Read the press release.

Safe Motion Profile for CIP Safety on Sercos

Also at Hannover Fair, Sercos announced the development of a Safe Motion Profile for CIP Safety on Sercos. Sercos relies on CIP Safety as the functional safety protocol for Sercos networks. To ensure the interoperability and compatibility of safety-related peripheral devices, such as controls, drives, and I/Os in cross-manufacturer systems, Sercos international and ODVA agreed to jointly develop a Safe Motion Profile based on CIP Safety.

The specification of the Safe Motion Profile will be developed in close coordination with manufacturers and users and is planned to be available by April 2013.

Read the complete press release.

New Products at Hannover Fair 2012

New Sercos products introduced at Hannover Fair include: ASI-to-Sercos Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann, Intelligent Cameras from Vision and Control Systems, Safety Control Systems from Pilz, the 767-1311 Sercos Fieldbus Coupler from Wago and Actuators and Digital Position Indicators from Siko.

Read more detailed information.

New Edition of Sercos News

The 24-page SERCOS News #1-2012 is now available on the SNA Website. The feature article is "When Machines Learn to See -- Electronic Image Processing with Sercos." Applications articles are "A Control System as a Steersman," and "WINEMA Rotary Indexing Machine -- 20% More Efficient with Rexroth." The magazine includes an interview with Wago Corporation on the new WAGO SPEEDWAY 767-1311 Coupler. The issue also includes articles on the Sercos Robotic Keyboard, and several new product news items.

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