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CIP Safety protocol stack for Sercos Automation Bus available

At Pack Expo 2012, Sercos International and IXXAT Automation GmbH announced the availability of a protocol stack software for CIP Safety on Sercos. The safety software developed by IXXAT uses the SMP (Sercos Messaging Protocol), which enables the representation of the CIP data and services on configured, cyclic data containers in the Sercos telegram. Due to the modular architecture of the CIP Safety protocol software, the stack can be used for Sercos III as well as for EtherNet/IP without any restrictions.

The software package contains the protocol stack software for Sercos III and EtherNet/IP, a safety manual, and unit tests. Because all components are made available as ANSI-C-code, porting to customer-specific safety platforms is possible with a minimum of effort. The unit tests considerably facilitate the recertification of the CIP Safety protocol software after porting the code to a safe target platform.

Read the complete press release.

Find additional information from IXXAT on CIP Safety for Sercos.

First demonstration of Sercos III and EtherNet/IP blended infrastructure set for SPS show

The first demonstration systems that utilize the blended infrastructure approach of Sercos III and EtherNet/IP automation busses will be shown at this year's SPS show in Nuremberg/Germany (November 27-29, 2012), booth 110, Hall 6. The demo will show various Sercos III and EtherNet/IP devices connected to controller prototypes from Bosch Rexroth and Schneider Electric using a common Ethernet infrastructure on a single cable.

Read the complete press release and view the graphic.

View a presentation by Ludwig Leurs from the recent ODVA Conference. The title is "Single wire coexistence of Sercos and EtherNet/IP."

Vendor independent interface between SSI encoders and Sercos III Automation Bus

SSI is the standard interface for absolute encoders -- a serial protocol for exchange of absolute position values between an encoder and a control. With the SSI-Gateway, CANNON-Automata introduces a simple and inexpensive device that allows connection of SSI encoders from any vendor to a Sercos III network. With the introduction of the encoder profile (FSP-Encoder), Sercos international has standardized the exchange of position values between incremental or absolute encoders and controls within a Sercos III network. Together with the scaling functions specified by the profile, a high level of interoperability is guaranteed. The SSI-Gateway combines these two standards in one device. Thus, Sercos users are free to always choose the encoder best suited for an application from any vendor – without having to worry about interoperability.

The SSI-Gateway supports up to four Sercos III real-time data connections. Thus, it is possible to make the acquired position available to any other device connected to the Sercos network – an important feature for applications with master and slave axes, cam profiles or electronic gears. In addition to the position value, the device can also measure and transmit the current velocity and acceleration.

Read the complete press release and view photos.

Topology extension provides new Sercos III installation possibilities

The TopoExtension from CANNON-Automata opens up new possibilities to simplify cabling of Sercos III networks on large and modular machines. Features like hot-plugging and redundancy are major advantages of Sercos compared to other real-time Ethernet protocols. Because of these features, it is possible to connect or disconnect single devices or complete machine aggregates during operation without any loss of real-time data. The installation effort necessary to support this feature can be reduced significantly through the use of the TopoExtension. The device integrates the two cables necessary for ring topology into a single cable or vice versa. In this way it is possible to interconnect individual machine modules or electrical cabinets over a single cable, while maintaining the Sercos ring topology and its advantages.

Read the press release and view a photo and drawings showing possible connections.

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