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Sercos N.A. Welcomes New Member Festo Corporation

Sercos is pleased to welcome Festo U.S. as a new member. Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology and is a performance leader in industrial training and education programs offering industrial and process automation, components and solutions worldwide. Visit their website at www.festo.com/us.

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New Sercos Literature Available

Several new literature items have recently been posted on the Sercos N.A. website:

Series of Sercos Webinars

A series of three Sercos® webinars are being presented in early 2014 hosted by Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International. In the first seminar on January 29, he showed why Sercos is employed with great success in a wide variety of machine and plant construction sectors and how the Sercos technology continuously adapts to the changing requirements of users and manufacturers.

The second webinar on February 26, 2014, is entitled "Sercos in Practice: Easy, Fast, Flexible." Lutz shows how easily, quickly, and flexibly peripheral components of a machine or plant can be connected using the Sercos automation bus. He explains why Sercos is one of the fastest real-time Ethernet protocols, which network topologies can be implemented, and how the commissioning of a Sercos network takes place. The connection of safety-oriented peripheral equipment via Sercos without additional hardware will also be discussed. The English webinar is at 11 am Eastern Standard Time.

The webinar series concludes on March 10, 2014 with the topic "Sercos in Practice: Efficient, Reliable and Economical." This presentation shows why Sercos enables efficient, reliable and economical networking in machine and plant construction and how Sercos makes optimal use of the available bandwidth of Fast Ethernet. Moreover, Lutz explains features such as hot plugging, ring redundancy and synchronization. The English presentation is at 10 am Eastern Standard Time.

All webinars last approximately 30 minutes. There is also time for questions and content-based dialog after the presentation.

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Recordings of Previous Webinars Available on Request

Webinars on "CIP Safety on Sercos & EtherNet/IP" and "Common Sercos III and EtherNet/IP Infrastructure" were recently presented. Free recordings of these webinars are available on request by e-mail to info@sercos.de. The webinars have a running time of about 30 minutes and are available in German and English.

The "CIP Safety on Sercos & EtherNet/IP" webinar deals with functionality and protocol software for CIP safety on Sercos. In addition to practical examples, Michael Jochem, Safety and Security Project Leader at Bosch Rexroth, also introduces the CIP Safety on Sercos Conformance Test Tool and its benefits. The webinar is rounded out with a brief introduction to the CIP Safety Stack, developed as part of a cooperation between Sercos International and IXXAT Automation.

In the "How Users Can Benefit from a Common Sercos III and EtherNet/IP Infrastructure" webinar, Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International, explains what is meant by the notion of a "shared network infrastructure", how this can be technically realized and what benefits machinery and equipment manufacturers, as well as users, can gain from it.

CIP Safety on Sercos Conformance Test Available

A conformance test tool for CIP Safety on Sercos devices is now available. This testing tool can be applied for originator and target implementations, no matter whether the safety functionality is part of a Sercos master or slave device. The test tool offers the possibility of automatically testing the full CIP Safety on Sercos protocol functionality of a device in order to prove the compliance with the CIP Safety specification. The identical test software can also be used to test implementations of CIP Safety on EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet.

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Sercos Resources Available

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