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Members have the right to use the Sercos trademark in literature, in their promotion, and on Sercos products that have passed a conformance test. Non-members must pay of the regular yearly membership fee for this right. Note that a product developed to the Sercos IEC standards does not necessarily have the right to bear the Sercos logo.

Members enjoy a significant discount on the license for the Sercos III Core.

Member dues help maintain the environment for continued development of the Sercos automation bus including regular updates and major initiatives, such as development of new profiles.

A product must pass a conformance test before the Sercos logo can be used on that product. Members receive a 30% (approximate) price reduction (compared to non-member price) on conformance testing of Sercos interface devices.

Conformance test tools are available to members at a 25% discount.

Members are eligible to participate in Plug Fests in which Sercos III master and slave devices from various members are tested crosswise to insure that the devices are interoperable.

Members can participate in Sercos Technical Working Groups (TWG), which meet several times a year in the U.S. and Europe to resolve any issues with Sercos functions, to develop various profiles such as the Controller-to-Controller Profile and to define and add new standard functions.

Members receive access to preliminary Sercos technical updates. Non-members cannot obtain this information until it is released and published for sale.

Members received published, released updates to the specification, technical manuals and other documents at no charge.

Members participate in meetings for exchange of technical data and association business issues.

Members receive no-charge listings on the Sercos website, in various promotions, product guides and in trade shows. Member products are promoted on the Sercos website and in the Sercos newsletters.

Members have access to association information databases.

Members participate in the Sercos booth at trade shows and exhibitions (Hannover Fair, for instance) at a discount from non-member prices.