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Funding for activities of Sercos N.A. is achieved through membership fees. Membership in Sercos N.A. is open to any individual, organization or company interested in establishing a knowledge of the Sercos bus, applications, technical implementation and/or operation.

Important Note:
Membership in Sercos N.A. is available only to companies based in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Membership in Sercos Japan is available only to companies based in Japan. Membership in Sercos China is available only to companies based in China. If your firm is based anywhere else in the world, please apply to Sercos International for membership.

Executive Member - $20,000/Year

The Executive membership level is an advanced level of support, a full voting membership that provides the right to amend the by-laws, functions, goals or procedures of Sercos N.A. and to determine how the association's assets are collected and allocated.

In addition to the right to vote on any issues that come before the membership, this membership level includes all the benefits listed under the Associate Level membership below.

Associate Member - $5,000/Year

Associate (and Executive) members are those firms who design and market CNCs, other controls, servo drives and I/O using Sercos hardware devices, such as (but not exclusive to) the SERCON816 ASIC and the Sercos III FPGA and GPCC devices. Associate memberships are non-voting memberships. Executive and Associate Memberships in provide the following benefits:

Members have the right to use the SercosŪ trademark in literature, in their promotion, and on Sercos products that have passed a conformance test. Non-members must pay $1250 per year for this right.

A product must pass a conformance test before the Sercos logo can be used on that product. Members receive a 30% (approximate) price reduction (compared to non-member price) on conformance testing of Sercos devices. In addition, Sercos Association members receive no-charge issuance of certification of Sercos products after they pass the conformance tests. Non-members are charged 500 EURO (approx. $630 U.S.) per device for such certification, and may only place the Sercos logo on certified devices if they have paid the yearly trademark usage fee.

The Conformizer hardware/software tools are available for use in pre-testing master and slave Sercos products for conformance prior to submitting them for the official test by an authorized testing facility. Using the Conformizer assists in development and provides a 90% assurance that Sercos products will pass the official conformance test. Members receive a minimum 25% price reduction on this product, compared to non-members.

Members-only participation in the North American Sercos Technical Working Group (TWG) which, in collaboration with the European Technical Working Groups, determines updates and enhancements to the Sercos specifications, based on input from members.

Members-only access to preliminary Sercos technical updates produced by the Technical Working Groups. No cost for copies of published, released updates to the specifications.

Participation in member meetings (North America, Europe, Japan) for exchange of technical data and association business issues.

Members-only no-charge listings on the Sercos N.A. website. Member's Sercos products are also promoted on the website at no charge. Non-members are not eligible for this benefit.

Access to association publications and information databases, including Sercos literature and technical manuals at no cost.

No-charge listings in various promotions and trade shows.

Participation in the Sercos booth at trade shows and exhibitions (Hannover Fair, for instance) at cost. Non-members pay 50% additional.

Copies of all inquiries received by Sercos N.A.

OEM/System Integrator Membership - $500/Year

OEM/System Integrator memberships are non-voting memberships available to companies that incorporate purchased Sercos automation products, such as master/slave cards, and/or other purchased Sercos controllers, drives and I/O, into their products or systems for resale, or who integrate systems using Sercos products. Companies that design and market CNCs, other controls, servo drives and I/O incorporating any of the SERCON816 ASIC and Sercos III FPGA and GPCC devices are eligible to join Sercos N.A. at the Associate level but not the OEM/System Integrator level.

Benefits include:

Regular e-mail summaries of news and information about Sercos, such as e-mail newsletters of member meeting minutes and digests of information generated by the technical working groups.

Can purchase technical literature at member prices.

May attend the OEM/Integrator/User portion of Sercos membership meetings.

May participate in Sercos booths at trade shows.

Note that OEM/System Integrator members do not qualify for a discount on conformance tools or conformance testing.

Educational/End User Membership - $500/Year

Educational/End User memberships are non-voting memberships available to educational institutions and companies that purchase and use (but do not develop) automation equipment. Benefits are the same as for OEM/System Integrator Level.