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Center for Automation and Motion Control -- Alexandria Technical College -- Sercos interface Competency Center for Packaging Applications

The Center for Automation and Motion Control (CAMC) at Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria MN is a regional center of excellence in the automation and motion control education field, with an emphasis on packaging applications. CAMC offers training and technical assistance for Sercos interface products in the packaging industry.

The CAMC has two missions:

1. Education of 45-55 students per year in a 2-year Fluid Power/Manufacturing Engineering Technology program.
2. Provide JIT automation and motion control training to employees of manufacturing partners.

They cover all topics from hydraulics to computer-based automation. The first year of the formal program is devoted to electricity, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and 3D solid modeling. Year two covers advanced circuit design, statics, instrumentation, PLCs, stepper/servo control and advanced computer-based automation. In both endeavors they leverage a state of the art NT-based lab to control manufacturing automation cells via Ethernet.

They model multiple device-level bus systems; several PLC systems; and computer based discrete logic and motion control. In addition, they teach single- and multi-axis stepper/servo control, currently teaching four different motion control paradigms including Sercos.

CMAC is committed to development and support of open standards in the controls industry and is an active participant in the OMAC Packaging Working Group.

Dr. Kenneth J. Ryan
Alexandria Technical College
Center for Automation & Motion Control
1601 Jefferson Ct.
Alexandria, MN 56308
Phone: 320-762-4461
Fax: 320-762-4480
Web Site: http://www.learnmechatronics.org