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Introduction to Sercos
Applications Types
Sercos III
Sercos I and II
Sercos Standardization

The Sercos interface allows drive and control manufacturers to create intelligent digital drives with vastly improved capabilities and flexibility. A single drive can be designed to handle multiple devices, such as I/Os and sensors, permanent magnet servomotors, high horsepower induction servomotors (vector drives) and linear motors, with the configuration set-up parametrically.

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Types of products using Sercos include:

Single and multi-axis motion controllers
I/O modules
PLC interfaces
Numerical controls
AC and DC positioning drives
Spindle and main drives
Stepper/indexer drives
Vector drives
Linear motor drives
Inverters/variable frequency drives
Hybrid devices
Pneumatic positioning systems
Electrohydraulic valves and positioning systems

See member products for product descriptions. You may also wish to refer to Sercos product and manufacturers guide.

The Sercos automation bus provides the flexibility of configuring multi-vendor control systems with plug and play interoperability. Designers are not limited to products from one manufacturer, but are free to choose the best-in-breed to solve their individual motion and I/O control problems.

Sercos reduces system cost, eliminates many types of noise problems and helps machine designers get motion control systems up and running quickly. 

Even more importantly, Sercos has facilitated great advances in machine productivity. End users have realized incredible timesaving advantages with Sercos on their machines -- faster delivery, faster installation, faster setup, faster product changeover, and faster production speeds.