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Introduction to Sercos interface
Applications Types
Sercos III
General Architecture
Sercos III Profiles
Blended Infrastructure
Additional Resources
Sercos I and II
Sercos Standardization
Centralized and Decentralized Communication
  Peer-to-Peer Communications
  Unified Communication Channel (UCC)
Oversampling and Time Stamping

Centralized and Decentralized Communication

Sercos-III halves the minimum cycle time of the Sercos I & II interface from 62.5 Ás down to 31.25 Ás. Because of the greater bandwidth of the Ethernet physics, it is still possible to connect an adequate number of slaves, despite the short cycle time. Thus, it is possible to implement both decentralized drive concepts, where all control loops are closed in the drive, and centralized signal processing concepts where only the current loop is closed in the drive and all other loops are implemented in the central control electronics. Sercos-III is the only open motion control system that supports these structures.
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