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Introduction to Sercos interface
Applications Types
Sercos III
Sercos I and II
Sercos Standardization
Ordering the Standards
Updates to Sercos
Both Sercos I/II and Sercos III consist of a set of standard specifications that may be incorporated into any company's products, with each control and drive maintaining its own functions and features. Because Sercos is an international standard, it allows any manufacturer's Sercos interface-compatible digital control to talk to any other Sercos interface-compatible digital servo drive, digital spindle drive, pneumatic or hydraulic system, digital I/O or sensors over a well-defined fiber optic link (Sercos I/II) or standard Ethernet technology (Sercos-III). 

Controls and drives conforming to the standard comply with a standard medium for transmission, topology, connection techniques, signal levels, message (telegram) structures, timing and data formats.

Sercos I/II and Sercos III differ in terms of their physical layers, but share a common set of standardized parameters.