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Introduction to Sercos interface
Applications Types
Sercos III
Sercos I and II
Sercos Standardization
Ordering the Standards
Updates to Sercos
The Sercos interface standards and specifications are maintained and enhanced by members of the Sercos interface community via Technical Working Groups (TWG) in both North America and Europe. The Sercos N.A. and SI (Sercos International e.V.) Technical Working Groups each hold meetings several times a year at various member facilities in North America and Europe. Enhancements adopted by these groups become part of the Sercos interface specifications and will be submitted as draft updates to the IEC Standards via the official IEC process.

These groups are also very active in defining Sercos profiles, such as the packaging profile, I/O profile and controller-to-controller profile.

To learn more about the tasks of the TWG, and how you can participate, please visit the Technical Working Group section of this web site.